These women of India won the Olympic medal by illuminating the country’s name

These women of India won the Olympic medal by illuminating the country's name

In today’s time, it is wrong to underestimate women as men. In many areas, women have made a different identity than men and have brightened the name of the family along with the family. Today, the examples of many women who have differentiating themselves in different areas are in front of us. Women have made their special contribution to this country through politics, inventions and sports.

Today, on this special occasion of Women’s Day, we are going to tell you about some women who have won the medal in the Olympics, proud of India’s head proudly and have set a precedent in the front. So let’s know about some such women who have illuminated the name of this country by getting a medal in Olympics.

1. Sakshi Malik


Sakshi Malik, who won a bronze medal in wrestling at the Rio Olympics from Haryana’s Rohtak village, is also an example for women. The 58 kg freestyle bronze medal in the name of Sakshi Malik was the joke of wrestling from the age of 12. On his hard work, Sakshi has won gold medal in 60 kg in the Dave Shulz International Wrestling Tournament.

2. P.V. Indus

P.V Sindhu Silver
PV Sindhu, who was shocked by his performance in the world, won the Silver Medal in badminton and illuminated the country’s name. PV Sindhu, the first woman to win the silver medal, has been awarded the Padma Shri for the highest civilian honor and the Arjuna Award for Best Badminton Player.

3.  Karnam Malleswari

karnam malleswari images

For the first time in the weightlifting, an Indian woman won the Olympic medal and its credit goes to Karnam Malleshwari. He won a bronze medal in women’s weightlifting contest of 69 kilograms.

4. Mary Com

World Champion Muker MC Mary Kom has won five Olympic medals. He has also bagged medals in London Olympics, four times gold medal in the Asian Championships and gold medal in Asian Games. Mary Kom, who was the winner of five times in World Boxing, has been given the title of ‘Supermom’ and ‘Magnificent Mariecom’.

5. Saina Nehwal

Saina Nehwal is the first Indian woman to win Olympic medal in Badminton.Earlier, he also won several gold medals in the Commonwealth Games for the country. Apart from this, Saina Nehwal is the first such female player who has achieved top seed status three times within a month.

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